5 House Plants That Purify The Air

You may think of outdoor air as being polluted, but indoor air pollution is a serious problem that poses a great risk on your health. Cleaning products, cosmetics, furniture, paint and even building materials contribute to a build up of volatile organic compounds that can lead to allergies, memory loss, dizziness, damage to the kidneys, liver and nervous system or even have the potential to cause cancer.

Natural air filters, certain house plants can dramatically reduce indoor pollution by absorbing and filtering harmful compounds…..



Spider Plant

One of the easiest house plants to grow, making them a great choice if you’re not so green fingered. Spider plants work fast to remove the cancer causing pollutants xylene and ethylbenzene. Found in nail polish and cleaning products these toxic chemicals are known to cause dizziness, memory problems and fatigue.








Unlike other purifying plants the tropical looking Bromeliad releases oxygen and removes air pollutants during the night. During tests this environment loving plant purified the air of 90% of benzenes emitted from furniture, cleaning detergent and paint.








This popular house plant gets top marks when it comes to removing acetone from the air. 94%  Found in nail polish, hairspray, household cleaning products and paints acetone can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness, eye irritation and central nervous system damage. You may want to rethink that trip to the nail bar!








Jade Plant

This low maintenance succulent, also known as a friendship tree, lucky plant or money tree is particularly good at removing toluene (91%). Found in multipurpose cleaners, floor polish, wood sealers and some colouring pens toluene can effect the brain, nervous system and impaired immune function.