Behind The Brand – Flourish Beauty

After battling eczema the majority of my life and overcoming extreme allergies I though it was important to share my story about how Flourish Beauty was born.

Our aim at Flourish Beauty is to enable both you and our plant to ‘Flourish’ through clean, safe and sustainable beauty.

What sparked your passion for all things natural and organic?

I started my career as an aesthetic practitioner when I was 18, I then fell into the make-up industry at the age of 24 where I worked on theatre tours, TV productions and films.

Overnight I began to suffer from poor health which progressively got worse. I suffered severe reactions all over my body which caused my eyes, lips and hands to swell and left my skin raw and inflamed. Eighteen months and many hospital visits later, an allergy specialist identified I was allergic to several chemicals commonly found in conventional beauty products and the constant exposure had severely weakened my immune system. The doctors solution was to put me on long-term steroids and antihistamines but I knew this wasn’t the answer. Instead, I immediately cleaned out my beauty cupboard, quit my job and watched my health rapidly improve! Who knew a career in beauty could be so dangerous!?”

I’ve always loved make-up and beauty products. I’m obsessed. When I began cleaning up my beauty routine I struggled to find clean beauty that really appealed to me. Just because I didn’t want the unnecessary chemicals why did I have to skip on the luxe packaging and formulas? My passion for all things beauty and love of luxury cosmetics alongside the vast amount of clean beauty products that weren’t delivering inspired me to make things less complicated for others and Flourish Beauty was born!

What do you think the biggest misconception about clean beauty is?

That clean beauty products are a bit nondescript but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Clean beauty has come along way the last few years. I believe clean beauty outperforms chemically laden conventional beauty and the brands we stock prove it. From formulas, textures and luxury packaging we only sell products that we believe in, do what they say they will and also meet the Flourish Standard.

Clean Beauty must-haves?

Oh gosh, where do I start?! My dressing table is bursting at the seams!

  1. Mascara –  this was the first thing I upgraded after I discovered conventional mascara contains a whole hosts of toxic ingredients, no wonder my eyes used to swell shut!
  2. Deodorant – I’ve got everyone I know onto natural deodorant, it’s something we use everyday and more studies are proving conventional deodorants are a risk to human health.
  3. Body Moisturiser – we slather this all over our body and it’s proven that we absorb a percentage of what we put onto our skin. A lot of conventional body moisturisers contain petroleum, a known endocrine disruptor that can cause cancerous tutors, birth defects and other development disorders. Scary stuff!
  4. Seasonal Facial Oil – de Mamiel creates a new facial oil for each season. These beautifully crafted, limited edition oils help both skin and mind adjust to seasonal shifts. Pure heaven!
  5. luminizer x quad – I’m highlighter obsessed, I use this quad everyday. It transforms your complexion to make you look super radiant and glowy.

Can I have one more?! Liha beauty Idan Oil is incredible. It smells divine, I’m hooked! I use it as both a body moisturiser and perfume. It transports you to a tropical paradise all year round.

Other than clean beauty, what other elements of healthy living are most important to you?

I’m definitely a big believer in whats happening on the inside shows on the outside. I still suffer from bouts of eczema and this is an indicator that somethings not quite right on the inside..

I spent a lot of time healing my gut as my immune system was severely compromised after I spent so long battling allergic reactions to everything I touched. I don’t eat gluten as it can cause inflammation in the gut which is the root of disease. I also avoid sugar and dairy. I find diary triggers breakouts. I’m a big fan of the Hemsley sisters, their recipes are a staple in our house.

Pilates and yoga are my exercise of choice and taking some time out of my day to walk my rescue dog Pablo.

Your top piece of beauty advice? 

Our bodies just weren’t designed for a daily barrage of toxins. We need to pay attention to what we eat, drink, breath in and absorb.

The last beauty product you bought? 

de Mamiel Altitude Oil! This is a handbag / desk essential. The seasonal sniffles were creeping in and I find a few sniff of this cure all, anti-bacterial tonic stops pesky bugs in their track. I’ve got a few bottles scattered around the house and I’m forever encouraging people to take a few deep breaths of this immune boosting elixir.