Redefining Beauty With Things That Grow

Becca Brown, the vegan blogger behind Things That Grow Blog certainly knows a thing or two about the power of clean beauty when dealing with hormonal acne.

Tell us more about your day job. 

I am a content writer/marketer and I work in the fashion industry. I’m actually in the process of moving job, city and home – from Cambridge to London! Alongside my day job I am also a freelance writer, writing for vegan magazines such as Vegan Food & Living.

What sparked your passion for all things natural and organic? 

After battling acne for the majority of my early 20s, I was left feeling deflated and depressed. Not only had I lost all my confidence, I’d also spent a small fortune on chemical-heavy skincare products with no joy whatsoever. Switching to an all-natural beauty routine was a last resort – and one of the best choices I ever made! As soon as I stopped using toxic ingredients I noticed an immediate difference in my skin. Not only did my blemishes reduce, my complexion brightened up and my skin looked healthier than it had in a long time.
While I still go through break-out periods, I feel safe in the knowledge that I have found products that genuinely work. It is hugely reassuring and confidence-boosting to know that I have more control over my skin and blemishes. Since making this breakthrough I have been encouraged to try natural products beyond skincare. I am now dedicated to using natural deodorant, haircare and body products.

What do you think the biggest misconception about clean beauty is?

Probably that it doesn’t work as well as chemical-heavy products. I’m not saying that clean beauty works best for everyone, but in my opinion, there are loads of high-quality clean beauty alternatives for skincare, haircare and make-up.

Top tip for upgrading your beauty routine. 

If you’re looking to greenify your beauty routine, I’d recommend getting to know a few natural beauty brands, bloggers and websites. Instagram is a great way to discover all of these things – use hashtags such as #greenbeauty #naturalbeauty and #organicbeauty to see what people are talking about.

Do you follow any specific rules when buying beauty?

My biggest rule is that everything has to be vegan and cruelty free. In addition to this, I try to buy products that have as many natural ingredients as possible.

Which beauty ingredients are a definite no-no?

I don’t like to use anything containing SLS as I find that it dries out my hair and skin.

Other than clean beauty, what other elements of healthy living are most important to you? 

Taking care of my mental health is super important to me. I’m someone who needs to spend time alone to recharge my batteries and de-stress. Sometimes I like to go for a walk or a run outdoors, and sometimes I like to buy a box of vegan magnums and eat them while watching all 3 Bridget Jones films. Both activities give me a chance to catch up with myself, diffuse any worries and put my mind at ease.

Your top piece of beauty advice.

Don’t worry about anyone else’s opinion; make sure that your beauty routine is for you. As someone with acne-prone skin, it would be easy for me to pile on the make-up to prevent people from noticing my spots. However, I know that this would make my spots worse. So instead, after cleansing, toning and moisturising my skin, I leave it free of make-up and give it time to heal. Sometimes it’s difficult, but in accepting my skin and being unapologetic for how I look, it helps me to feel more in control and happier in myself.