Skin & Tonic – The Natural Skincare Brand To Know

Organic, sustainable, straight-talking skincare! Using no more than 7 ingredients in each product and free from questionable ingredients, Skin & Tonic will get your skin back on track to being happy and healthy again!


Committed to using only gentle, certified organic and natural ingredients, Skin & Tonic skincare will feed your skin with pure natural goodness. Lovingly handmade Skin & Tonic supports long term skin health and reduces skin sensitivities.

You won’t find any questionable ingredients inside Skin & Tonic skincare. That means no harsh preservatives, no silicones, no drying alcohols, no endocrine disruptors, no synthetic fragrances, no SLS, no dyes and no MIT all of which are known to trigger skin reaction, skin sensitivities and skin allergies.

All Skin & Tonic skincare is made in small batches by real people, (not machines), right here in the UK. You can be 100% confident about what you are putting on your skin and your body.



Skin & Tonic believe in a less is more approach when it comes to skin health. Their pared-back formulations use skin soothing, 100% natural and certified organic ingredients. After just 28 days of using Skin & Tonic natural skincare you can expect to see a radiant glow that you simply can’t get enough of!


Skin & Tonic use a maximum of seven natural ingredients in their formulations. Paring back your routine with minimal, yet highly effective skincare will allow your skin to breathe. The result? Healthy, happy skin the glows.


Is your skin overwhelmed? Do you suffer with breakouts, acne, rosacea, dermatitis, hyper-pigmentation? Then why not give your skin a break and let it breathe? Exposure to pollution, air-conditioning and weather changes combined with the overuse of harsh exfoliators, chemical peels, layers of foundation and alcohols – can wreak havoc on the skin. Skin & Tonic skincare is formulated to the perfect ph levels and contains only the most amazing organic ingredients. Gently get your skin back on track to being happy and healthy again!


High quality ingredients your skin will love! Skin & Tonic only use 100% natural & organic ingredients certified by the Soil Association.

That means none of their ingredients have been exposed to harsh pesticides. Instead, they have all been carefully and conscientiously sourced so you can be 100% confident about what you put on your skin and your body.



A cruelty free company Skin & Tonic test all their products on humans and never on animals. They support small farmers and growers right here in the UK, as well as fair-trade, women co-operatives in Ghana & Sri Lanka. All of their packaging is full recyclable including their product seals which are made from plant cellulose and are fully compostable. Skin & Tonic are committed to reduce their carbon footprint by planting trees in the Suffolk countryside.


The Radiance Reviver:

Skin & Tonic Steam Clean

A complexion brightening cleanser that smells just like mojito and your secret weapon in the fight against impurities and dullness. Made with just 7 organic ingredients this hot cloth, balm-to-oil cleanser effortlessly melts away daily grime and makeup to leave skin clear, calm and glowing.








Banish Blemishes:

Skin & Tonic Detox Mask

Breakouts have finally met their match! Packed with a powerhouse of blemish busting ingredients including matcha, basil and green clay this detoxifying masks helps balance sebum levels, reduce redness, soothe angry breakouts and unclog pores to leave a stressed out complexion calm, clear and bright! 






The Rescue Remedy:

Skin & Tonic Calm Balm

Tackling poor sleep and anxiousness? Skin & Tonic Calm Balm will help you find some calm amongst everyday chaos. Before bed apply to your wrists and temples and inhale the mind calming aroma, lulling yourself into a deep, peaceful sleep.







Lip Loving Lip Balms:

Skin & Tonic Lip Kit

Your fast track to a super soft, kissable pout! Four lip loving lip balms packed into the most instagrammable, reusable tin! Packed full of lip-loving, simple organic ingredients, Skin & Tonic velvety smooth lip balms will leave your pout smooth, plump and deeply nourished.







The Best Selling Beard Oil:

Skin & Tonic Beard And Shave Oil

Clean Beauty isn’t just for us ladies! This beard loving formula softens hair and calms any beard itch while leaving his beard smelling super fresh! Not a fan of beards? This nourishing oil doubles up as a luxe shave oil.