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The best vegan lip balm around, Hurraw! is 100% natural and made from the finest organic ingredients.  Delicious and addictive we could not live without these luxe lip balms, and we bet you can’t too!

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The best vegan lip balm around Hurraw! is 100% natural and made from the finest organic ingredients. 

Handcrafted in small batches Hurraw! vegan lip balms are super smooth, not draggy, not sticky, not sweet, not too glossy, not too smelly, never grainy, long lasting and no melting in the back of your jeans pocket! Hurraw!

Delicious and addictive we could not live without these luxe vegan lip balms, and we bet you can’t too! 


Hurraw! Balm started out as a personal obsession to create the perfect lip balm. It had to be all natural, vegan and made from raw, organic, fair trade ingredients complete with a range of natural and delicious flavours.

Each Hurraw! Lip Balm contains certified organic, cold pressed nut butters and seed oils that have been cold processed ensuring each and every Hurraw! Balm is brimming with nourishing lip loving nutrients and enzymes.


Hurraw! Balm is a certified vegan company meaning each and every one of their vegan lip balms is bursting with animal friendly, plant based ingredients. 


The proud owners of the Leaping Bunny Logo, Hurraw! Balm is a Certified Cruelty Free company. Unlike many other natural lip balms on the market you won’t find any beeswax inside Hurraw! Balms, and of course all their balms are tested on humans and never on animals.


Hurraw! Lip Balms contain certified organic ingredients meaning each lip balm is bursting with the finest lip loving ingredients. 


Nourishing nut butters and seed oils are cold pressed at low temperatures meaning each nutritious ingredient retains their essential skin loving powers and enzymes. Although this method is more expensive, the quality of cold pressed oils and raw butters is superb.


Hurraw! holds a fair trade certification ensuring fair prices for labor and product are met.


All Hurraw! Lip Balm's are gluten free. However they are not yet a certified gluten free company. Hurraw! Lip Balms are tested annually by a 3rd party lab and are shown to be gluten free (less than 2.5ppm gliadin).


Creating a life, a workplace, and a product that impacts minimally on our earth is important to the people at Hurraw! They ship their lip balms in recycled and recyclable corrugated packaging and their wholesale packs and product boxes are made from 100% post-consumer paperboard using 100% wind power.

In their continuing efforts to reduce plastic use, they are choosing more readily recyclable materials including aluminium, glass and tin. 


A firm staff favourite at Flourish HQ is Hurraw! Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm. This delicious lip balm gives lips a sheer pink tint while leaving your pout smelling deliciously tart. Looking for a instant morning pick-me-up? Hurraw! Coffee Lip Balm is bursting with creamy, cold-pressed coffee beans. Combined with a touch of raw chocolate it certainly smalls good enough to eat! Finally, soothes your sweet cravings with Hurraw! Chocolate Lip Balm. Packed full of raw unsweetened cacao the intoxicating scent of sweet, creamy chocolate make it a delicious treat for your lips.