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John Masters Organics

Carefully crafted using premium, earth friendly ingredients each product provides the ultimate in guilt free luxury. The professional, salon-quality performance of each product help you “feel good about looking good.”
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John Masters Organics harness the power of organic and natural ingredients to create exceptional organic hair and body care. They believe in beauty that is good for both your health and our planet.

In 1994, John Masters, a leading stylist in New York City, had a simple but radical idea. He believed that natural and organic haircare could outperform chemically laden products. His personal passion for healthy, holistic living became a professional calling, drawing John away from the world of New York salons to pursue a better, gentler way to care for hair.


John began working with the best organic ingredients available and seeing clients out of his tiny Manhattan apartment. Soon he opened the world’s first “clean air” salon in Soho New York. It was a revolutionary salon concept that used no damaging colorants and no chemical treatments, not even hairspray.

Today, John’s singular vision has become a global brand that continues to transform the organic and natural beauty industry. Decades of expertise and innovation have evolved a few handmade products crafted with care over a kitchen sink into a full line of hair and body care.


John Masters Organics Shampoo has a solution for every hair problem while the Rose and Apricot Hair Milk repairs and protects the most damaged of locks. John Masters Organics Hair Spray is a clean beauty essential and a revolutionary product offering flexible hold with plant-based ingredients.