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Liha Beauty

Beautifully handcrafted using raw, ethically sourced ingredients. With a dose of natural African roots and a quintessentially British attitude you get the finest range of heavenly scented shea butters, body oils and soaps. Luxury!

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A couple of beauty junkies who met a university Abi and Liha have always had a true passion for natural beauty products.  When the pair were together conversation would always come back to what natural beauty products they were cooking up.

A product they had been developing for a while kept getting rave reviews from friends and family (their award winning Idan Oil) so they finally decided to take the plunge and Liha Beauty was born.

In keeping with their African heritage the pair combined the Yoruba tradition, making beautifying oils, soaps and lotions from natural sources including nuts, tree bark and plants. Reworked with a little twist and combined with a skin loving base of coconut oil and shea butter they formed the heavenly Liha Beauty range. 


No bathroom shelf should be without a bottle of Liha Beauty Idan Oil. Immersed inside each bottle of this sublime oil is a single tuberose flower. The captivating fragrance of this blissfully scented night blooming flower transports you to paradise while cocooning limbs in a skin nourishing, golden elixir. Believe us when we say this stuff smells AMAZING!

Another Flourish Beauty favourite it the Liha Beauty Queen Idia Candle. Inspired by the famous Yoruba Queen Idia, this handcrafted candle is made from clean bring, sustainable coconut wax. As well as sitting pretty on your coffee table this eco-friendly candle fills the whole room with a long lasting, intoxicating fragrance.